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Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm very excited about my new job! I'll be working for a start up in downtown San Diego, writing Ruby in the Ruby on Rails framework. This is going to mean some pretty serious changes for me, and for Anna. If nothing else it should reduce my stress by increasing my passion for what I'm doing.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Dance Dance Thor

I believe I've started something... last time I was up in Monrovia, Anna and I showed Mom "Stepmania": I mentioned that it could be set up on THOR, the "MythTV": based PVR that I built for them. Setup was pretty easy, they are on MythTV 18.1 with "Gentoo": underneith. So I emerged Stepmania, copied the songs into /usr/share/games/stepmania (make sure you get the permisions right, group needs to be games) and had MythTV scan for games (on the frontend under Utilities / Setup - Setup - Media Setttings - Game Settings) and made the XML file gamelist.xml under /usr/games:


The dancepad from ToysRUs and a USB adapter from Fry's where identified no problem. Go to Media Library - Play Games - All Games - PC - 2006 - Dancing - Stepmania. On the main Stepmania menu select Options, setup the dancepad keys under Config key/joy and Scan music. After that we where up and well...dancing. Very cool.

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