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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Dance Dance Thor

I believe I've started something... last time I was up in Monrovia, Anna and I showed Mom "Stepmania": I mentioned that it could be set up on THOR, the "MythTV": based PVR that I built for them. Setup was pretty easy, they are on MythTV 18.1 with "Gentoo": underneith. So I emerged Stepmania, copied the songs into /usr/share/games/stepmania (make sure you get the permisions right, group needs to be games) and had MythTV scan for games (on the frontend under Utilities / Setup - Setup - Media Setttings - Game Settings) and made the XML file gamelist.xml under /usr/games:


The dancepad from ToysRUs and a USB adapter from Fry's where identified no problem. Go to Media Library - Play Games - All Games - PC - 2006 - Dancing - Stepmania. On the main Stepmania menu select Options, setup the dancepad keys under Config key/joy and Scan music. After that we where up and well...dancing. Very cool.

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