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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Jamba Juice!
Just this last weekend I was telling my Dad that what we really needed was a Jamba Juice across the street from our appartment. The was a Juice Stop, but I never really liked there smoothies much. Just yesterday Anna calls me to say, guess what Juice Stop is gone and its going to be a Jamba. I went to investigate this morning, and they're already excepting applications. I'd totally work there if it wern't for this degree my parents spent so much on ;-) They definatly have at least two regular customers. I am well aware that I'm too excited about this, but hey its the little things that make life worth it.


Jury Dupty and the Doctors

I've been stuggling with my health for years. Turns out that at least some of that has been chronic tonsilitus. I've seen both my regular doc, Dr Augustino, who is excelent and a specialist. Both said that the tonsils need to come out and that I should do a sleep study to see if anything else needs doing. This means missing some work (I've already missed 2 days for doctors appointments) but it can't be helped. Its nice to know its not just me being a wose. I also had joury dupty last week. I have to say that the system worked really slick. The ladies running the jury pool really are a well oiled machine. I didn't get selected for Voi Dur so I was out of there by 1:30. All and all an excellent experianc, not to mention that the court was right near Fry's :-)

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Dallas Trippen

I went on my first business trip two weeks ago. I feel like we were productive... We learned a lot about the tool Dimensions (which I can now say for sure is crap). However its what management want us to use so I stuck with it for now. Dallas it self was ok, nothing really to see, though my boss and I did visit the Dallas Museum of Art. The museum was worth while, I really like that they hold free evening hours every Thursday. I also saw the main dist center for Tuesday Morning (a discount chain) which was cool. Flying really makes me appreciate all the comforts of the train, but at least my flights where on time. Total loop count (number of circles made trying to find something) was 10... Not bad for 6 days. The funniest insident was Cindy and I hunting for the gas tank release on the Galant I rented. We spent maybe 15-20 minutes because it was obvious that it took a lever and didn't just open. I guess your supposed to figure out that it pivots like a secret door.
I'm trying to get orginised and post more... We'll see how that goes.

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