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Friday, May 20, 2005

Why You Lucky...

This morning, I really wanted to call in sick. I havn't been sleeping well this last week and I'm just run down from the rat race.
Once apon a time I was a pretty big gammer. Between video games, stratagy and roleplaying, well lets just say it ate up a lot of time and money. So I was pretty jelouse sitting there on the train this morning listening to people talk about going to E3. There have been groups going up to LA the last couple days. Each morning it gets a little more tempting to just head up with them and try to sneak in. It is a really good thing I was getting off the train when Spaz called to tell me where he was. All I can say is there better be good pictures =-). He's the second person to call me today telling me they are doing something cool while I trudge off to work. I have got to figure out a better balance between work, side projects and fun time. More than that I need to stop waisting my fun time trying to figure out what to do. *Sigh* At least I can say my projects are coming along pretty well now. my inventory system is just about designed, I just need to code it up and my web gallery is still in the prototype stage, but I'm learning a lot about rails in the process. Ok, enough for now, time to get back to work. Oh and I started writing again last night, but more about that soon...



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