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Monday, May 23, 2005

Why Ride the Train

I was reading this article and I realised that I totally do what he talks about wanting. I ride the train to get things done. A lot of people have questioned my sanity in taking an hour long train commute each day. However I get a lot done during this time. On the train there are no emails, no internet, no coworkers and no printers which break every hour (I have printers next to my cube and a lot of people have problems with them. The best is a coworker who begs and pleads then curses the heratige of a coworker, highly amusing =-) Now I'm not saying there are no distractions. For instance the other day the Red Hats invaded my train (not the Linux company; that would have been cool). So I ended up chatting with old ladies instead of working. But most days the only thing I have to do is get my ticket looked at, which takes about 5 seconds. Then I'm free to work, read my book, watch a movie, whatever I want. Its a good life =-)

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